Announcement: Meet your local council candidates at Tolly Talks

Announcement: Meet your local council candidates at Tolly Talks

2021-06-20 Off By Editor

We would like to announce the first Tolly Talks event, presented by the Friends of Wray Crescent, on June 25 at 7pm on Zoom.

We have invited all four of the candidates standing for election in the Tollington Ward by election to join us at this event. At time of writing, all four have agreed to take part. (UPDATE: Conservative Vanessa Margaret Carson has since cancelled). They are (in alphabetical order);

  • Vanessa Margaret Carson (Conservative).  Sadly, Vanessa cancelled her appearance.
  • Mick Gilgunn (Labour).
  • Jane Alun Nicolov (Liberal Democrats).
  • Jonathan Ward (Green Party).

We expect the candidates to talk about their vision for the future of our ward, and, of course, the future of our valuable park, which we believe to be a precious resource that should be shared in ways that balance borough wide need with the specific needs of our ward.

The candidates will respond to questions chosen by the Friends of Wray Crescent, and there will be an opportunity for questions from within the audience.

We are holding the event on Zoom, but attendance will be limited (sorry).

We hope this will be the first of a series of Tolly Talks events. We hope to host these events regularly in the park, and on Zoom for the time being.

If you want to attend the event, please sign up for it using Eventbrite.

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