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14 amazing facts you never knew about Islington

I made this for amusement a few years ago. I grabbed a whole bunch of facts from Pamela Shields’ excellent book, ‘Islington, the first 2,000 years’ (Amazon link) and put them together in this infographic. Did you know the population of Tollington c.1066 was 9 people? There’s around 10,000 today. Or that Whittington Hospital is…

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Easter Bunny comes to Wray Crescent

Well, here is something that doesn’t happen very often. This weekend, the Easter Bunny visited Wray Crescent. Everyone seemed pretty happy. (By the way, we heard that at some point in the 1970’s, Wray Crescent was full of rabbits, they all lived in the large green circle area). Happy Easter everyone!

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Wray back machine: Wray Crescent and the Hackney Brook

We’re looking for historical stories, pictures and any interesting data concerning Wray Crescent and the surrounding area, so if you have anything you’d like to share, please drop us a line. When Wray Crescent was a crescent Today we have this fascinating image thanks to Britain From Above and Historic England. We think it was…

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The Big Dig: November 14 and 21

Hi everyone, just an update on the two socially-distanced workshop sessions we will hold on November 14 and November 21. What are we doing? We will be planting a new summer and autumn fruit hedge around the Yvonne Conolly Garden, along with other tasks. What about lockdown? Unfortunately, lockdown has been declared since our previous…

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Wray Crescent park has won a Green Flag Award

We’re really pleased to share that Wray Crescent park has won the Green Flag Award. The award is an international standard that recognises parks and green spaces for: Ensuring everyone has access to quality green and other spaces, wherever they live. Working to make sure they are appropriately managed and meet the needs of the…

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Our congratulations to Yvonne Conolly

We are so pleased to share the news that our very own Yvonne Conolly has been honoured with an important UK education award presented by Prince Charles. As reported in the Evening Standard, the Prince said: “Her place as a pioneer of the Windrush generation must be cherished by us all. I cannot begin to imagine the…

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