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Planting the seeds: Workshop #1

Hello, The first seeds are planted! 26 people during the day worked together to plant the seeds in the new raised beds. We’ll be getting together again in a few weeks to plant some seedlings — though we’ll be watering our plants regularly until then! So pleased to hear so many positive responses from around…

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April 27: The first kitchen garden workshop

We are thrilled to announce that the first kitchen garden workshop will take place at 11am on April 27. During the workshop we will: Learn about crop planting and cultivation Find out which plants grow well together and which donโ€™t Put protection in place to prevent foxes digging things up. The session will be free,…

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Cold weather action

Lots of people have mentioned that when it gets cold they sometimes see vulnerable people sleeping rough and wonder what they can do to help them. Islington Council recently published a report on what it is doing about the complex problem of homelessness. The report contains quite valuable information that should be useful to anyone…

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