Announcing weekly Walking Football in Wray

Announcing weekly Walking Football in Wray

2023-01-10 Off By Editor

Inspired by our very own all-women Wrayvens FC we’re delighted to announce the launch of a weekly walking football match here in Wray Crescent’s community park. The fun begins Sunday January 15 2023 between 11am and noon.

What’s happening?

Walking football has become one of the biggest new sporting crazes to hit the UK. 

What’s great about the game is that it brings all the benefits of the game – fitness, weight loss and connection, but doesn’t need you to run like Harry Kane.

You see, walking football is football in every sense, except for one big difference — walk, don’t run. 

It’s for everyone.

Walk, don’t run

You see, the benefit of this game is that almost anyone can take part.

As we get older, many of us struggle with our balance, strength, stamina, weight and worst of all confidence and self-esteem, but walking football can help meet all these challenges, including boosted fitness levels. Not only that, but it gives everyone a chance to just meet each other for a chat.

The Walking Football Association say the game can really help boost self-confidence and self-esteem, and that’s across every age group, so long as you walk, don’t run.

We’ll be starting our Walking Football matches from Sunday January 15 2023 between 11am and noon. You’ll find us in the community open space where footie always takes place.

The walking football sessions are adults only. All abilities are welcome – you don’t need to understand the offside rule and you don’t need to be ‘sporty’, just up for the beautiful (if slightly slower) game.

Wear trainers or football boots and sports clothing. It’s a little muddy out there at present, so be prepared for that. And do click here to download a free guide to walking football from the Walking Football Association.

See you then!

What: Walking Football.

Where: Wray Crescent open space.

When: From January 15.

What time: 11am – noon.

Wear: Sports kit.

Why: For health, fun and community.

How much? Free.

You’ll never walk alone!