Happy All Hallows’ Eve!

Happy All Hallows’ Eve!

2021-11-01 0 By Editor

Or Allhallowtide or All Saints’ Eve or even Allhalloween. This annual celebration occurs on the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. A time within the liturgical calendar dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs and all our dearly departed.

Theory suggests that modern day Halloween traditions are influenced by particularly by the Gaelic festival Samhain, which is believed to have pagan roots.  

Our little Friends of Wray workers have been extremely busy ensuring this tradition continues and this year put on a wonderful display of ghoulishness, mischief and magicky things. Using lights, paints, costume, and bed sheets they created a fantastic display within the new Children’s Garden Area within the Yvonne Conolly Garden.

Each weekend a group of children accompanied by their parents help Lois develop the children’s garden area.

Recently a small pond has been erected and the kids have been busy adding plants around it, caring for them and learning new garden skills. Eager to learn more, they have turned their attention to learning to grow vegetables and so they will soon begin growing vegetables for the local community – we wonder what will be grown first!

Many thanks to all who have been involved, your work is making a wonderful contribution to our park!

If you would like to be involved in the children’s family workshops please use the contact form on the website.

How often do you visit Wray Crescent Park?

We all use the park different ways, please tell us how you use the space.

How do you use Wray Crescent Park?

What is the main way you make use of the park?

What kind of non-sporting activities would you like to see in Wray Crescent Park?

We're trying to figure out what you need

What kind of sports activities would you like to see in Wray Crescent Park?

There's lots of things you can do in outside space. What would you like to see?

What kind of facilities would you like to see in Wray Crescent Park?

Pick the things you want most

Do you have access to your own private outside space

Many of us don't

Do you live near Wray Crescent

Has the way you use the park changed during the pandemic?

Are you aware that the council has been consulting over a half-million-pound plan for the park?

The council's plan sees investment in a new cricket pavilion other people can use when cricket is not played.

If you are aware of these plans do you feel they prioritise cricket above any other activity?

Some critics of the plan think it prioritises one activity above all others

Do you feel that you have been given adequate time to examine these plans?

The council wants feedback on its plans by July 16

How should funding be allocated in the park

On a scale of 1-10 in which all ten stars means all funding should go to cricket and one star means support should go to uses other than cricket, how should funding in the park be allocated

1 star means all funding should go to uses other than cricket.

Do you feel that Islington Council has done a good job consulting with the community to assess local need to inform this project?

Do you feel like the council is listening to you?

What do you love most about Wray Crescent Park?

Parks mean different things to different people.

What does Wray Crescent Park mean to you?

Please tell us what you think

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