Join our socially-distanced working group on September 12

Join our socially-distanced working group on September 12

2020-09-08 Off By Editor

We are inviting people to join us in a socially-distanced workshop session in the park on September 12.

We plan to work in the woodland copse to make good some of the damage done there over summer, distribute topsoil into the beds, move saplings and mend the wood chip path in time for the autumn rains.

We will be working in very small groups and request that everyone attending the session bring their own gloves, hand sanitiser and wear masks, in line with Islington’s guidance. Please also maintain social distance between yourself and others.

We have continued to try to make the park as good as we can across this entire pandemic. Now we need your help.

Please join us on Saturday September 12 from 11am – 2pm, and please tell your friends and neighbours, and share it on social media, if you can.

If you have not already done so, please take a moment to respond to our first park user survey. There will be a second in a few weeks time.

How has the pandemic changed the way you use the park?

We're interested in how much local people have used the park, and how you now see the space. How important has the park been to you and your family during lockdown, and do you want to continue to use the space? Just enter your answer in the text box below and move onto the next question. You'll submit all your answers at the end of the survey.

What do you want to see continue in Wray Park?

What you have liked most and anything that you don't like?

How we should ensure all the space is shared by all of us?

It's not fair for one use to dominate the entire park, how should we share the space better?

Are you happy the open space hosts cricket every weekday evening and most weekends in summer?

Middlesex cricket club now seems to have first rights to the open space at the heart of the park, which means locals needing a little sunshine can't use the sunniest part of the park after work or at weekends, even in the school holidays. Are you happy with this arrangement?

How we can we make our park the heart of our community?

We think green space is vital. We think communities are vital. How can we put them together?

What new activities would you like to see in Wray Crescent Park?

We have lots of activities in our small park, what else would you like to see?

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