Our AGM takes place February 10

Our AGM takes place February 10

2023-02-06 Off By Editor

Friends of Wray Crescent will hold our Annual General Meeting on Friday February 10, 2023, at 6pm.

The meeting will take place on Zoom and we ask you to use Eventbrite to book your space, where you will also find the agenda for the meeting.

Book now here, or point your smartphone camera at the QR code to reach Eventbrite.

Use this QR code to access the booking
This QR code will take you to Eventbrite

his is the proposed agenda for the meeting:


Parks and Projects: 

— Community Library, park development projects.


— How do we reach more volunteers and bring in fresh project leaders?


— Expenditure to date and future expenditure plans. Fundraising.

Update on community space in park: 

— We hope LBI will tell us a little about what is planned.

Ongoing projects:

— Walking football, Tolly Talks, Fundraising for Yoga and Tai-Chi sessions.


— The meeting will begin at 6pm and we aim to finish at 7pm.