Poll: Should we install hedging around the garden?

Poll: Should we install hedging around the garden?

2020-04-18 Off By Editor

Hello everyone,

We hope you are faring well through this difficult time.

We’ve noticed some damage to the garden area from irresponsible dog owners and people leaving litter. This is only a tiny minority of the hundreds people who regularly visit the park, but it does impact the project.

As a response, some of our members think that have enclosing the kitchen garden area with a hedge of fruit bushes might help, at least to keep animals out. These bushes would not grow too tall, people could still see into the garden, and enter it using a gate to explore it.

Plus, the fruit would be there to for everyone to pick whenever they liked (though you should always wash fruit picked in London).

We think it is really important to get feedback from as many people who use the space as we can on the idea, though, and who very much want to hear what everyone else thinks, which is much harder to do now we are locked down.

That is why we’d like to invite you to vote in the poll which you can do right here.