Watch three of four Tollington Ward candidates explain how they would represent you if elected

Watch three of four Tollington Ward candidates explain how they would represent you if elected

2021-06-26 Off By Editor

The Friends of Wray Crescent held a public hustings meeting with three out of the four candidates standing for election in Tollington Ward for a seat on Islington Council on June 24, 2021. It was an interesting and engaging meeting during which the candidates discussed a variety of topics, including how they would represent our community if elected and what they would do to promote a better deal for all users of Wray Crescent Park.

We thought it might be useful to publish the conversation online so you can watch it and decide which candidate to select. (You may need to rewind the video to get to the beginning, for some reason).

The candidates are:

  • Mick Gilgunn (Labour, who spoke first).
  • Jane Nicolov (Lib Dem, second to speak, appears in video as Jane Hibbert)
  • Jonathan Ward (Green, third speaker).

You can watch them speak here:


As you may know, Friends of Wray Crescent are campaigns for a better deal for the park and the local community.

At present the council is investing big of money in a pavilion developed for and focused on one primary use with all other potential uses of that space therefore subservient to that use. We believe the area needs a more imaginative plan for a more flexible facility that supports a far wider range of uses.

We have two petitions available to request the council presents a revised plan that better reflects and supports the diversity of need in the local community. Please sign them.

One is hosted at The other is on Islington Council’s website.

If you live locally then you have an opportunity to comment on these plans. You can comment on these plans using a form hosted on the council website here, or directly via this email address.

We also urge you to write to our MP, Jeremy Corbyn and your elected councillors if you feel the plan needs to be revised, as we do.

We hope you enjoyed meeting the candidates and that you feel better informed when casting your vote as a result.