We have apples in the orchard

We have apples in the orchard

2020-07-22 Off By Editor

It’s only a small reason for cheer, but we thought we’d share it as cheer is in short supply these days. Wray Crescent also has its very own (and small) orchard on the hill beside the kids area and opposite the community garden.

Apple and friends

You’ll find plum, apple and pear trees there, though these have suffered from a little lack of love in recent years.

Unfortunately last year the apple trees didn’t germinate. We think this is because of a lack of bees and a lack of care.

We’ve been trying to give them a little more TLC, watering the trees, encouraging good insects like bees and giving them a little gentle care. We think it’s paid off.


Because our trees look set to give us some apples this year, and we’re very pleased about that.

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