Announcing Among Friends!

Announcing Among Friends!

2023-08-15 Off By Editor

In response to some of the feedback we’ve received following our recent Wray Crescent Festival, we thought it might be nice to tap into some of the local musical talent in our area and put together some laid back evenings of acoustic music in the park.

Among Friends – the sessions

We’re calling these the ‘Among Friends’ sessions and they will begin on Friday August 18 at 7:15pm, just as the regular tai-chi class ends (why not come to both?). We expect these laid-back musical get togethers to last until around 8:30pm, and we will try to run them weekly over summer. 

These are performance opportunities for local residents to come together and play up to four songs. The sessions are acoustic only and will be located within the main activity area of the park (look for the flags!). 

We know that the local area is rich with musicians and we wanted to provide an opportunity for them to perform a few songs to their friends and neighbours. Friday begins with a local jazz and blues trio who played at the festival also. Please get in contact if you’d like to perform.

What you need

Audience members can bring a rug and a beer and enjoy the start of the weekend.

Performers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. And in the event one week no performer turns up we can just hang out and chat with our neighbours. 

Do please let your family, neighbours and friends know.

Everyone is welcome and warmly supported to come and perform, even if for the first time! These sessions are completely free, but if you want to donate to our work or to musicians you see, feel free to do so.

We look forward to seeing you there!