In memory of our friend, Sarah Roth

In memory of our friend, Sarah Roth

2022-05-09 Off By Editor

We are so very sad to announce the loss of our good friend, Sarah Roth.

Some in Wray Crescent area may have known Sarah.

Incredibly kind, smart, charming and so very cool and stylish, she led Friends of Grenville Gardens, where she worked tirelessly to transform what was a forgotten plot of land into the safe, welcoming and award-winning public place it has become today.

She achieved this with help from her friends and neighbours, and we know that everyone who knew her feels the loss of her.

She was a leading light, a star with the power to make things happen.

She was also a good friend and advisor to us and to helping make Friends of Wray Crescent grow.

We have no more words to share today, but the huge sadness we feel at her loss. We had so much more we had hoped to do. Rest in peace, Sarah.