Photos from the Tolly Talk

Photos from the Tolly Talk

2022-08-21 Off By Editor

We had a really great time hosting the Tolly Talk around the park. We think people were really interested to learn about the topic and our speaker, Anita, showed us so many things we did not know and had prepared some amazing things to eat using ingredients she had foraged for.

The Tolly Talk began with a short presentation during which Anita explained some of the principles of foraging — don’t take what you don’t recognise and never use all of anything, even wild food needs to be looked after and respected.

She then led everyone on a walk around the park, explaining the uses of some of the things we walk past every day. Then, practising what she preaches, she shared a feast of delightful home-made food that used natural ingredients.

It was such a good talk. We are looking for people who want to share thoughts and ideas in future Tolly Talks. Perhaps you have ideas for topics we could arrange to be discussed? Maybe you represent a local community group who’d like a chance to share what they do? Please make contact with your ideas.

We’ve put together a short gallery of images here, in no particular order.

Stay tuned for more news from Friends of Wray moving forward as we head into fundraising for what may be a crucial autumn and winter gardening and sewing season, the final week of our free yoga and Tai-Chi sessions in the park (but stay tuned) and more. Come and visit our stall on September 3 to find out more about the history of Wray Crescent!

Get involved — just add your name to the mailing list using the contact form below the gallery.

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