The Big Dig: November 14 and 21

The Big Dig: November 14 and 21

2020-11-13 Off By Editor

Hi everyone, just an update on the two socially-distanced workshop sessions we will hold on November 14 and November 21.

What are we doing?

We will be planting a new summer and autumn fruit hedge around the Yvonne Conolly Garden, along with other tasks.

What about lockdown?

Unfortunately, lockdown has been declared since our previous message. We really want to keep everyone safe, so we are going to try a new approach to the workshop, rather than calling it off.

We are sorry it won’t be as much fun as working in a big group, but the idea we’ve got is to find teams of two people (ideally from the same ‘bubble’) to sign up to help for around 60-90 minutes per team (or longer, if you like).

How will this work?

We will organize multiple sessions across the day for these very small groups, in order to minimise contact between people. If you can help between specific hours on either day, let us know and we’ll assign a task for you to do.

Sessions begin at 11am.

Are there other rules?

Yes, in order to meet social distancing guidelines, we must ask volunteers to follow these rules:

  • Wear your own gloves.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Stay 2-metres away from others outside your team.
  • Avoid being in a group of more than two people.
  • Bring your own tools for the task you have been asked to do, if possible.
  • Use plenty of hand sanitizer.

Please tell us if you can help

To make this work, we need to know in advance if you can help, and when you can, so please tell us via the Facebook group or the contact form below.