The library is open – come share your books!

The library is open – come share your books!

2023-04-28 Off By Editor

We know it took some time to deliver on this project, but we’re happy to announce that the kid’s library in Wray Crescent is finally here!

Share your books!

The idea is simple: If you are a parent, drop your kid’s old books in the library. If you are a child, you get to borrow the books to read them, but bring them back when you’ve finished reading.

We’re thrilled to see that people around the neighbourhood have already begun sharing books in there. If you have any books to share, please pop them into the library in the park.

The library is made of treated wood and was handmade for us all.

Thanks to everyone

The project costs were raised with the kind help of — well — all of you, really, as this is one of the wonderful things we’ve been able to put in place thanks to the funds raised at last year’s Thorpedale Road party.

We are sorry it took so long to put in place, but sadly there were a few setbacks along the way.

But do bring and share those books. Because parks are for seeds – nature’s seeds for all that’s growing; seeds for minds, young minds and older ones; and seeds for community and a better daily life.

The library is open

Much more news coming!!