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Islington needs us to follow the coronavirus code

We noticed lots of people in the park over the weekend, despite the threat of the coronavirus. Way I see it, doctors, nurses and other medical staff are working round the clock to try to save people who are critically ill from the coronavirus at the moment. Many of these brave life-savers get sick themselves.…

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Islington publishes 17-year local plan

Islington has published a document detailing its planning policies and goals over the next 17-years. I imagine everyone should take a look. “Islington Council has set its sights on Clerkenwell Fire Station, Sainsbury’s in Liverpool Road and the Seven Sisters Road gyratory in a major planning document covering the next 17 years. “In the Nag’s…

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14 amazing Islington facts

I made this a few years ago on a whim. I still find it quite interesting, and thought other Friends might like it, too. It reminds me that Winter is here and it’s possibly a good time to get a local history project off the ground, as this is something lots of members have said…

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