We must build a path through the mire

We must build a path through the mire

2022-01-10 Off By Editor

We must build a path forward through the mud

As we hope you have noticed, the Friends of Wray Crescent try to build and maintain a path across the small and muddy piece of park just beside our open space, (between the basketball courts and the other side of the park) and we really need your help maintaining it this year.

(Not) slip sliding away

We think people have enjoyed being able to walk across the park without slipping, sliding or falling and becoming too muddy, but due to a combination of self-isolation and illness, we’ve fallen behind on the project this year.

To get the path back on track (sorry), we’re appealing for volunteers to join us this Saturday, January 15 from around 12 noon.

The idea is to replenish the path across the park and the gardening paths in the Yvonne Connolly Kitchen Garden. If enough people turn up, we have lots of bulbs that also need planting.

We also need a couple of extra wheelbarrows, so if you can help and have one please bring it along – it would really help speed the work up. We had several at one point but they aren’t there any more.

Finally, if you can help, please do respect social distancing, wear masks, bring gloves and generally be careful to avoid spreading the horrid virus. No one wants or needs to get sick and infections are clearly not slowing down.

We do hope to see you there.