Tolly Talk for Big Green Week, October 1, 2pm

Tolly Talk for Big Green Week, October 1, 2pm

2022-09-22 Off By Editor

You are warmly invited to our next Tolly Talk on Saturday October 1 at 2pm.

We invite you to gather in the Yvonne Conolly Garden to celebrate Great Big Green Week with Rachael Halliday. She will talk about ways in which we can Save Earth’s Skin. 

Big Green Week

Big Green Week is the UK’s biggest ever celebration of community action to tackle climate change and protect nature. Over 200,000 people joined one of the campaign’s events in the UK last year.

In Wray Crescent, the Friends of Wray try to do their bit. We source the best quality organic, and peat-free soil we can afford. We don’t use pesticides. We have a (recently vandalised) tree nursery, run an award-winning annual project to boost the bee population, and more.

Part of what we’re doing here is working to build a biodiverse area where wildlife can flourish.

But we also believe that when we make spaces where plants, bees, and animals flourish, we also create places in which humans also flourish.

It’s all about taking choices

Across society there are many things vying for our attention and among some of the claims and advertising numerous ‘green’ claims are made… sometimes referred to as ’greenwashing.’ That can make it challenging to know who and what to trust. 

While she doesn’t have all the answers Rachael can explain some of the ways we can make conscious decisions and use our influence to support positive change. 

It’s also a matter of choice.

On her blog, Rachael writes: “It’s interesting to notice where we limit ourselves. The world is so full of opportunities and choices that sometimes not committing to a decision seems easier. If I don’t commit I won’t get it wrong. Is that a familiar concept to you?”

But we can take a conscious choice to take choices, including the ones we make to help our planet, as Rachael will explain. Who is Rachael?

She is a trained Weleda Wellbeing Advisor, Reiki Practitioner, Subconscious Transformation Coach and she ‘Holds Space’ for individuals and circles. You can find out more about her work here.

The talk will take place outdoors, so we hope for good weather; that good weather might include rain or an autumnal chill so please dress so that you will feel dry and comfortable.

About Tolly Talks

This is the third Tolly Talk we’ve put together at Friends of Wray Crescent. You can see pictures of the last talk on foraging in urban spaces here.

We hope to build Tolly Talks to become something like TEDTalks for communities.

If you think you have a story, an idea, experience or just want to share your experiences in one of these talks, please make contact. Among many topics, we’re very interested in finding people who can empower and inspire our young people, to help them find the resilience they’ll need to succeed in the mission to unbreak the world.