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Annual Report 2018-2019

We held our first AGM on October 19. During the meeting some executive post holders changed and the number of management committee members was raised to a total of ten. The latter is primarily an administrative move, but makes it easier to hold meetings and reach decisions. Minutes of the meeting will be published ASAP,…

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Friends of Wray: AGM October 19

Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce our next AGM. It has already been around a year. The AGM takes place on October 19 at 11am at 12 Pine Grove N4. The agenda for the meeting at present looks like this: Report on our first year’s work and voting in the committee. A chat about…

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Next Friends meeting: Sept 19

We’d like to announce that the next Friends of Wray Crescent Open Space meeting will take place on September 19 at 7pm. We will learn a little more concerning the future plans for the pavilion in the park. The existing pavilion has been condemned and the aim is to build a new one for summer…

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